Events & Activations


From industry trade shows, to single night premieres, to a worldwide tour, P3 has an experienced team of experts ready to manage your activation flawlessly from start to finish. Our comprehensive suite of services include:

  • Ideation & design of on-site events
  • Set up, installation and dismantling of on-site events
  • Ideation, design and fabrication of trade show booths
  • 24/7 booth support & security
  • Crowd control, queue support
  • Trade show booth cleaning
  • On-site PPE Distribution
  • COVID-19 testing & disinfecting services

Client Case Studies

Warner Bros: Friends

When WARNER BROS. wanted to celebrate FRIENDS, one of the world’s biggest sitcoms in the the history of TV, they needed a trusted partner that could handle a global activation with an iconic piece of furniture known around the world. P3 delivered with an extraordinary couch activation; simultaneously showcasing the legendary couch from the Grand Canyon to Cannes, France.


Warner Bros. relies on the team at P3 for the installation of their booth at this international market. In addition to having a skilled on-site team, Warner Bros. also has the benefit of their booth being stored in a local French P3 warehouse. This helps reduce overall costs for ths client.

Paramount Pictures: Transformers 2 & 3

When PARAMOUNT PICTURES celebrated the release of its $200M blockbuster, TRANSFORMERS 2, and its $195M sequel, TRANSFORMERS 3, they needed a partner with global reach and production capacity to drive breathtaking outdoor activations across the world while maintaining critical security and integrity standards. P3 delivered an activational masterpiece; an international experience showcasing lifesize Transformers activations in countries across the globe including Australia, Germany, France, and the United States. Just before the pandemic hit, Bumblebee was transported by P3 to the Petersen Auto Museum. The P3 team meticulously installed Bumblebee at this iconic location. It is on display as part of the Hollywood Dream Machines Exhibit at the Petersen.