P3 has been a leader in US textile manufacturing for more than 35 years. Our state-of-the-art facilities boast some of the most production-efficient equipment in the industry and can deliver high quality and substantial volume.

With the increased need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the US, P3 has built upon its core competencies of corporate apparel, sports uniforms and accessories, to include Berry Compliant medical gowns, masks and other products.

Client Case Studies


When global brokerage and investment banking firm, STIFEL needed 30,000 high quality and reusable masks to brand itself while protecting its employees from COVID-19, P3 delivered a customized masterpiece. The full-color, machine washable premium mask included a 2-ply filtration inner layer, four-part contoured facial structure, performance wicking outer shell and adjustable surgeon ties for optimal fit.

Henry Mayo Hospital

As COVID-19 cases rapidly grew, HENRY MAYO HOSPITAL was in desperate need of a US-based manufacturer that could deliver. P3 rose to the occasion, repurposing its production lines to create high-quality Level 2 & 3 isolation gowns, head bouffants, shoe covers, and more. Since then, P3 has expanded its reach across the nation serving healthcare and government clients in need of Barry Compliant manufactured goods.